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WoodFeather propellers are not factory-made by machines or moulds. Every piece is hand carved from a solid piece of wood and hand painted or polished for the perfect finish. An average propeller has been worked upon by at least 5 craftsmen and artisans and it takes anything from 4-6 weeks of time to make a single piece.

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WoodFeather propellers are just gorgeous artefacts that make a statement no matter which wall you put them up on. They come in a range of shapes, sizes and designs to suit your décor needs. And while they resemble functional propellers very closely, we take some artistic liberties to enhance the aesthetic appeal of each design.

Each WoodFeather propeller is made from a solid single log of wood. For some dual-wood designs we even use compressed real wood planks to form a layered block. For the finishing we use the best quality non-toxic polishes, paints, fillers and PU finishes.

The choice of materials varies with the design and can be found in each products material details.

All our propellers are made-to-order. So the typical shipping time is 4-6 weeks depending on your choice of design. But for any reason if you need it urgently just let us know and we will do our best to reach it to you in good time.

Like all other hand-made products, there will almost certainly be slight differences in each piece. More so, no two logs of wood will ever be exactly the same in design and colour. But that’s exactly what makes each of them special and unique.

Of course! This is something we highly recommend so that your piece is your very own and has a story to tell. You can have names, dates, initials, quotes, logos or just about anything you like engraved or stickered on your propeller.

Just get in touch with us once your order is placed and we’ll make it happen.

Sure you can! There’s nothing quite as unique as a custom-building your own propeller. You can select any shape of shape, size, tip design, colour and finish of your choice and we will build it for you. Alternatively, if you have a theme in mind we can even help design it for you. Just get in touch with us.

No matter where you place a WoodFeather propeller, it is bound to turn heads and start conversations. The most common way to display is by hanging it on a wall at a slight angle, horizontally or vertically. However, you may even choose to simply lean it in a corner or box in a glass casing depending on your preference and space.

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Not at all. The propeller comes with 2 hooks at the back and can be hung on 2 screws like a picture. It’s that simple. You can fix the screws on the wall depending the angle on which you wish to mount it. Just make sure the screws are strong and drilled at least 1-1.5 inches inside the wall to take the weight easily.

Like all wooden artefacts, our propellers too require timely cleaning and maintenance. Just wiping it routinely with a soft and dry cloth is good enough. But DO NOT use chemicals or alcohol based solutions that could damage the finish. Also, exposing it to direct sunlight may cause fading or cracking so ensure its placed indoors in cool and moderate temperature conditions.

In certain designs that use brass hubs and tips, oxidation is bound to occur over time. You can either choose to polish it to keep it gleaming or just watch it age beautifully with time 🙂

The shipping cost varies depending on the destination and the size of the propeller. You can check the exact shipping cost before placing your order.

All our products are made and shipped from India. So for domestic orders the applicable GST is levied on the total invoice value.

For international shipments outside India, any applicable custom duties and taxes at the destination have to be paid locally by the buyer. These charges vary from country to country depending on the current trade agreements and treaties. So it’s best to check with the local authorities.

However, our shipping and logistics partners will provide you complete assistance on this with doorstep delivery.

All our products are made in India. Being entirely handmade helps us provide livelihood to artisans and craftsmen who hail from the small towns and villages across the country.

Our propellers are carved from solid wood and are meant to last for a lifetime. But that totally depends on how well you take care of them. Our safety packing ensures that they reach you in perfect condition, but after that it’s your baby.

That’s good news! We’re always happy to cater to your corporate gifting and bulk purchase requirements.

Just click here to write to us and we’ll be in touch with you soonest.

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